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5 Hidden Red Flags When to Look Out for When Hiring a General Contractor
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5 Hidden Red Flags When to Look Out for When Hiring a General Contractor

1. Shows up Late:  Things happen and sometimes being late to an appointment is unavoidable. But if you are a client waiting on a contractor who does not call or text to let you know they are running late should be a red flag.  A contractor who shows up late to your appointment is more than likely not going to deliver when it counts. Showing up late is a sign that a person does not respect the other person’s time. If you are looking for a contractor be sure to note if they are late to their appointment.

2. Rush Through the walk through: If during your walk through you continually find yourself being cut off when trying to explain your vision, take it as a red flag. This typically happens because of several reasons.
a. The contractor has a lot of work and does not want to waste time walking through your project.
b. The contractor has left another job to see your and is trying to hurry and get back.
c. The contractor isn’t interested in the vision for your project.
d. The contractor has no plans on performing for you and may take your money. If you find yourself in this situation you should be cautious about your job not being a priority for the contractor. Low priority jobs are often delayed and performed poorly.

3. Stubborn: In most situations involving remodeling, the client should depend on the General Contractor for guidance and advice. This does not mean the client should not have a voice. There are many contractors who refuse to listen to the client when it comes to construction ideas. These contractors are quick to say an idea will not work because they are used to things their way only. A contractor who’s not willing to explore possibilities with you, will more than likely not listen to you throughout the project.

4. Inconsistent Communication:  This is a big red flag. If you have a contractor who is difficult to get a hold of you should consider not using that contractor. If a contractor is too busy to call you back, this means they will be too busy to perform you job with the attention to detail that you deserve.

5. Is not presentable: This one may be a bit controversial. As a construction company, we take pride in having a representative show up to your appointment dressed for the interview. If you are seeking a handyman, then it’s okay for them to look as if they show up to your home looking as if they just left from doing work at another home. But if you are doing any type of extensive remodeling work, you want to know that you are choosing someone who has the capacity to do your job. Showing up in non presentable clothes is a sign that the contractor is performing work on their job sites. This is a red flag, because it means that they have little capacity and will abandon your job at the first sign of trouble or will delay your job if they get a better offer while working for you.

At AAA Construction Services, LLC, we take pride in showing up to our appointments on time, with courteous service and communication. We work with the best subcontractors in the business and are committed to going above and beyond to deliver each and every client, with superior construction services.

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