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A Step-by-Step Instruction Manual for Creating Your Chicago Dream Kitchen
Chicago Dream Kitchen

A Step-by-Step Instruction Manual for Creating Your Chicago Dream Kitchen

One of the best investments you can make in your house is a kitchen remodel because of the high return you’ll get on your money and how much more you’ll enjoy living there. Since kitchens are the focal point and busiest area of most homes, it only makes sense to have one that meets your practical needs and aesthetic preferences. This kitchen renovation guide might help you prepare for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Before starting the project, make your choices.

If you provide your builder or contractor a list of the items you plan to use, they will be able to give you a more precise quote. This will keep costs down and provide any delayed materials plenty of time to reach the site before assembly begins.

Preparation is where you should put forth the most effort.

The greatest method to keep on budget while still getting everything you want out of your space is to plan it out meticulously, if possible. Any alterations made to a remodeling project will necessitate a modification order, which may incur additional fees.

Preparation Considerations

Discuss how you are presently use the area, and what aspects of its existing configuration you find to be either helpful or counterproductive. Maybe you like the way things are now and don’t want to change a thing, or maybe you hate seeing your appliances out in the open and would like to store them in a dedicated appliance garage.

Currently occurring circulation patterns. When there are several people preparing food at once, the kitchen’s walkways should be at least three to four feet wide for everyone’s convenience.

Familiarize yourself with all the entrances and exits to your house. Make sure the doorway is wide enough for the appliance to enter the home before purchasing an extra wide refrigerator or oven range.

Don’t limit yourself to the typical uses for your kitchen storage cabinets. An easy way to improve the kitchen’s usability is to install pull-out shelves that can be adjusted in height.

Expect to Spend More Money and Take Longer Than Expected

While careful planning might help you stay within your budget, there is always a chance that you will go over. Budget an extra 20% so there are no unpleasant surprises later. There’s also a good chance that your project’s completion date may be delayed. Plan on starting the remodeling several months sooner than you had initially anticipated to be in the home before the holidays.

Maintain Regular Contact with Contractors

Maintain consistent contact with your builder or contractor throughout the duration of your remodeling. If they aren’t keeping you informed, they should be. Maintain daily checks, send out email or text message updates, and share any worries you have about the project so they don’t fester into major problems.

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