AAA Construction Services LLC

Common Reasons Why Project Fails

No project plan
We use project management software that gives our clients a timeline and checklist of completed work. Every client can follow along with the progress of the work at any time. We also offer guarantees to clients that can assure them that we are working to finish their project quickly.
Contractor is busy at another job
We have a dedicated project manager for every project. This assures the client that they will receive a response within 3 hours. Many small and medium companies are run by owner operators, which makes it difficult for them to respond in a timely manner.
Not cleaning up jobsite
Contactors working for AAA Construction Services are aware that the job sites have to be clean and free from hazards at the end of each day. We also offer owners a complimentary house cleaning after the job is complete.
Charging more for change orders
Change orders are annoying for owners. They can also be costly. Unfortunately many contractors will underbid a job knowing that they will be able to over charge for change orders.

At AAA Construction Services, we handle change orders in several ways.
A. We inform clients that we can only bid on what is seen.
B. We price out our jobs where many small change orders will be covered by us.
C. We never perform a change order without informing the owner. We educate the owner on what the change order is along with the price. We give our owners the opportunity to find someone else to perform the additional work if they do not want to go with us.

Poor Craftsmanship
We quality control our projects. Each phase has to be signed off on by the owner before we proceed to the next phase. We also encourage our owners to be a part of the construction process. We like to think of our time together as a partnership. We also back our work and will fix anything that has been done poorly or incorrectly by one of our contractors.
Leaving the job unfinished
This generally happens when the contractor runs out of money. Contractors who underprice their jobs or have trouble managing their finances usually cannot sustain the cost of a job. We make sure to price our jobs appropriately. We also rely on reviews and referrals for our business, so leaving a job unfinished would be detrimental to our business.
Communication also plays a role in the success or failure of a project. To help with communication, we make it mandatory that we do a client kickoff for every project. Our kickoff is a 30-60 min presentation that covers the essentials of the job. We believe that the kickoff will alleviate 90% of the miscommunication on a project.