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A Guide to Chicago Traditional Home Design – What It Is, How to Get It and Where to Buy it
Chicago Traditional Home Design

A Guide to Chicago Traditional Home Design – What It Is, How to Get It and Where to Buy it

In a Chicago home that has traditional décor, you will find things like detailed wood furniture, traditional patterns, sophisticated lighting, and color schemes that have stood the test of time. Symmetry, decorative accents, and furniture arrangements that make it easy to have a discussion are all hallmarks of traditional design. As a consequence of this, a traditionally designed room exudes an air that is polished and dignified while simultaneously inviting and cozy.

Traditional Chicago architecture doesn’t have to be stuffy; you may modify this age-old style to suit your own aesthetic and the way you live your life. Traditional architecture often works well with the intricacies of older homes, but it is also possible to incorporate parts of traditional architecture into newly built residences. Continue reading to find out more about how you may incorporate historic design elements into your home.

The following are a few characteristics that can be seen in spaces that have been traditionally created. A Chicago home that is historically furnished would typically have elements such as a refined color palette, carefully chosen accents, and a curated mix of conventional furnishings.

Traditional Furniture

  • Period pieces, such as curved and detailed furniture, are included in the category of traditional furniture. A table with a clawfoot base, a sofa with tufted cushions, or a leather ottoman is a few examples of the kind of furniture that fall under this category.
  • Traditional interior design frequently makes use of stately furniture that is accentuated by intricate woodwork.
  • The traditional design plans include the arrangement of furniture in symmetrical patterns.

Traditional Colors

  • The traditional design is characterized by the use of dark, rich colors, which can be seen in the dark wood floors, upholstery with jewel tones, and antique wood furniture.
  • Traditional homes frequently make use of time-honored color schemes, such as blue and white, green and white, or jewel tones, such as red, green, or blue.
  • Traditional Accents – The rugs, upholstery, and wallcoverings that are used in traditional decorating styles often contain elaborate designs.
  • Pieces such as antiques and classic paintings arranged in symmetrical ways are examples of traditional design, which draws on European design influences from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Traditional interiors typically have window dressings made of luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet that are dense and abundant.

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